American singer and actress Irene Cara has died

IS dead at 63, the American singer and actress Irene Cara, best known for hugely successful songs such as “Fame” and “Flashdance… What a feeling”. “Fame”, awarded with the Oscar in 1981, was in the soundtrack of the film They will be famousin which Cara starred as Coco Hernandez. “Flashdance… What a feeling” was one of the songs on the film’s soundtrack Flash Dance and was awarded an Oscar in 1984.

Born in 1959 in the Bronx, New York, Cara was of Puerto Rican ancestry on her father’s side and Cuban on her mother’s side. After some television and theater experience, in the 1970s she began working on Broadway and in some television series, including Roots – The new generations.

For They will be famouswhich came out in 1980, was initially chosen as a dancer and only later was she entrusted with the role of Coco Hernandez and consequently the songs “Out Here on My Own” and above all “Fame”, which was very successful.

In Flash Dance Cara did not act but was an interpreter and co-author of the lyrics of her most famous song: “Flashdance … What a Feeling”, with music by Giorgio Moroder.

From the second half of the 1980s onwards, Cara continued to sing and sometimes even to act, but without ever getting close to the successes she had with They will be famous And Flash Dance.

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