American manufacturer apologizes for major shortages of baby food

To make up for the acute shortage, a production line at a factory in Ohio is being converted. Several adult food products are still being made there, but the production of baby food powder is now given priority. According to Ford, millions of cans of baby food are also en route to the US from Ireland.

CNBC reports that 132 pallets of baby food from another producer, Nestlé, are arriving in America today. They are delivered from Germany.

Factory open again soon

The closed baby food factory is to reopen in the first week of June. According to Ford, it will then take another six to eight weeks before the products are back on the shelves.

When the Michigan plant is up and running again, production for the US will more than double. Ford also says that extra money will be made to improve safety procedures. He acknowledges that affected families have not been helped immediately: “Some solutions take weeks, others take longer, but I don’t rest until it’s done.”

Earlier this week President Biden pulled off a 1950 war law. It dates from the Korean War and aims to increase the production of baby food. The Defense Production Act allows a president to require manufacturers to give priority to supplies of ingredients or parts.

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