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On the other hand, patients with osteoporosis need to dietary supplement satisfactory amounts of calcium and vitamin D to reduce fractures. (Photo: furnished by Wellness Health-related Community)

Lately, the New England Journal of Medication (NEJM) published a examine that pointed out that “supplementing with vitamin D cannot stop fractures,” which has triggered heated discussion and media awareness. Vitamin D “.

In this regard, the Osteoporosis Culture of the Republic of China arrived forward to clarify: “This analyze finds that vitamin D supplementation is not recommended for the basic general public, but not for sufferers with osteoporosis. Clients with osteoporosis they really should nonetheless integrate a adequate sum of calcium and vitamin D to prevent fractures “.

Calcium and Vitamin D are important for osteoporosis people!

The firm reported that, right after referencing present literature and qualified conversations, it has revealed tips for having calcium and vitamin D for people with osteoporosis:

1. For postmenopausal females with osteoporosis, the proposed daily calcium consumption is at least 1200 mg. The suggested everyday calcium ingestion for males with osteoporosis in excess of the age of 50 is at minimum 1000 mg. The each day intake of vitamin D for all clients with osteoporosis is at minimum 800 IU. (features diet and dietary supplements)

2. Supplementing plenty of calcium and vitamin D at the exact same time can correctly minimize the risk of fractures. Nevertheless, there is inadequate evidence that calcium supplementation by itself or vitamin D supplementation by yourself is effective in lowering the chance of fractures.

3. Excessive calcium ingestion (more than 1500 mg) produces no supplemental gains and may possibly have a potential risk of stones or cardiovascular sickness.

4. The integration of calcium and vitamin D can’t change drug treatment. Clients with osteoporosis and individuals with fragility fractures should get anti-osteoporosis drug remedy and supplemented with sufficient calcium and vitamin D at the exact same time.

How to effectively consider calcium and vitamin D in sufferers with osteoporosis?

According to the Society, in accordance to the National Osteoporosis Basis (NOF) and the Intercontinental Osteoporosis Basis (IOF), grownups above the age of 50 need to consume at least 1,200 mg of nutritional calcium (like calcium nutritional supplements) and 800 mg of vitamin D per day. day. ~ 1000 international units (IU). Food items superior in calcium are far more simply acquired from “cheese”, other people this sort of as beans, dim inexperienced vegetables, sesame seeds, golden needles, seaweed, seaweed, shiitake mushrooms, dried fish, seaweed, nuts, and so on. In addition, the consumption of fruits wealthy in vitamin C, these as oranges, oranges, kiwis, guava, and so forth., can advertise the absorption of calcium.

When supplementing calcium, you can refer to the straightforward calculation table or consult with a nutritionist.If needed, calcium supplements ought to be taken.On the other hand, if the day by day calcium intake exceeds 1200-1500 mg, it will no lengthier be effective for the overall body, but it will improve kidney stones Threat of cardiovascular ailment. The corporation pointed out that the physiological functions of vitamin D consist of promoting calcium absorption, keeping regular bone fat burning capacity, muscle mass operate, harmony function, and protecting against falls, and scientific tests have confirmed that an ingestion insufficient vitamin D will maximize bone loss and reduce bone density. .

Sources of vitamin D incorporate sun exposure, meals, and health supplements or medicines, the enterprise mentioned. Scientific studies propose that persons with osteoporosis need to take in at least 800 IU of vitamin D for every working day. For the duration of the avoidance and cure of osteoporosis and drug treatment, it is advisable to health supplement an satisfactory amount of money of calcium and vitamin D at the very same time.

Resource: 2021 Consensus and Rules on Prevention and Treatment of Osteoporosis in Older people in Taiwan.

Reprinted with permission from “Healthcare Network” / Described by reporter Yang Aiting

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