American Democrats Boycott High Court Vote

Democrats on the US Senate Legal Affairs Committee on Thursday boycott the vote on President Donald Trump’s nominee for a Supreme Court seat, Amy Coney Barrett. The boycott is primarily a symbolic gesture. The Republican majority is expected to approve Trump’s nomination of Coney Barrett.

Democratic senators protest boycott against Trump’s nomination of ultra-conservative Coney Barrett. They fear she wants to put an end to Obamacare (affordable health insurance) and the right to abortion. A seat on the Supreme Court recently became vacant after progressive high judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away.

The Democrats will hold two press conferences on Thursday instead of being present on the committee.

The 22-member Senate Committee consists of 10 Democrats and 12 Republicans. According to the rules of the committee, 12 members must be present to be able to nominate a nomination to the Senate, news website The Hill reports. In principle, however, there must also be 2 members of the minority party present to be able to handle matters. However, Republican committee chairman Lindsey Graham has already announced that the vote will go ahead whether the Democrats are present or not.

To be appointed before election

When Coney Barrett is appointed, a conservative 6-to-3 majority is created in the Supreme Court. Democrats believe that the winner of the upcoming presidential election should determine who will be nominated for the vacant seat in the country’s highest judicial body. For that reason, in 2016, the Republican Senate majority blocked another candidate nominated by then President Barack Obama.

President of the Republican Senate Group, Mitch McConell, wants to speed up the approval process for Coney Barrett so that she can be appointed before the November 3 elections. She may also vote as a judge if the Supreme Court has to pass judgment on the presidential elections.

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