America: Possible casualties ahead of Clausura 2022

America once again he was eliminated in the quarterfinals of a tournament And now it is time to analyze the project for the Clausura 2022, both in possible signings and probable losses. The Eagles aspire to greatness each semester and given the failure of 2021, there could be several players who leave the squad.

In this 2021, those of Coapa did not manage to be among the 4 semifinalists in any of the two editions of the Mexican tournament, neither in the Clausura nor in the Apertura. What’s more, lost the final of the Concacaf Champions League, against Rayados de Monterrey, so they did not live up to the expectations of the most winning club in Mexico.

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In this context, the fans request the departure of Santiago Baños from the board, but also several players from the squad. And regarding the latter, there are several whose continuity hangs by a thread even if they have a contract.

The possible losses of America for the Clausura 2022

The players who end their contract are Emanuel Aguilera, Antonio López and Mario Osuna, which came as a reinforcement before the loss due to injury of Santiago Naveda. However, the midfielder failed to establish himself in that position, so he will probably leave the azulcremas. While the youth squad of the Eagles would no longer be given more opportunities.

In the case of the Argentine defender, in October in TUDN they assured that it had not fulfilled the necessary minutes for the automatic renewal. So that he will have to sit down and talk with the board to extend his contract or start looking for another team in Liga MX or South America.

Aguilera has not renewed contract with the Eagles

As for the players who have a current contract, for a few weeks it has been said that Leo Suárez, Nicolás Benedetti and Renato Ibarra They do not enter into plans, so accommodation is sought for them even if it is on loan.

On the other hand, the substitute goalkeeper Óscar Jiménez and defender Luis Fuentes they would also be among the possible casualties. The goalkeeper has a contract until December 2022, but given the impossibility of adding minutes with Guillermo Ochoa as the starter, it is said that he would look for an opportunity in another club.

While the defender ends his contract with the club in June 2022 and so far he has not renewed, so the winter market would be the only opportunity for the Eagles to receive something for his transfer.


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