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The problems in América de Cali continue to practically give away time to the rival, as has happened in the last games. Last Saturday he gave away the second against Jaguares, and he repeated it this Saturday against Bucaramanga with the first.

In the initial part, a very weak game rhythm, in which the best approaches were from medium distance with shots from Adrián Ramos and Carlos Sierra, who at times was located behind the ‘9’.

The one who tried to move the strings was Deiner Quiñones, who tried with more criteria for the right sector, trying to place balls; in the defensive zone the level of the centrals with which the coach Juan Carlos Osorio insists is still very low.

Bucaramanga with little, but thanks to his good short touch, he was able to go ahead quickly with the 2-0, and at minute 17 Pablo Ortiz had to be substituted as a precaution for a second yellow card, after the central judge David Espinosa – That was not good either – he did not see a slap to a rival before the change.

For the final part, Juan Carlos Osorio was able to rebuild the team with three changes that gave the team a different face, with more association for Deiner and in defense they stopped suffering, since Bucaramanga stopped attacking due to the physical demand proposed in the part initial.

With the change of Adrián Ramos for Gustavo Torres, the reds, who wore black, lost depth in the area and the locals took the opportunity to refresh lines and regain control of the game.

The figures in the premises, Alejandro Quintana for the second goal, and goalkeeper Juan Camilo Chaverra for their interventions. In America, Dainer Quiñones was the one who most tried to take the team forward, especially on the right and with a changed profile.

To complete the dark panorama, Adrián Ramos was injured after scoring the discount and there practically the illusions of the tie ended, because Gustavo Torres was shipwrecked before the ‘leopard’ defense.

Nothing that improves America. There is a dd contract every other until 2023 and a project to build a high-performance center, but the results do not appear. The worst thing is that every time the dissatisfied voices increase due to the wrong technical leadership of Juan Carlos Osorio.

Marco Antonio Garcés
Correspondent Futbolred Cali
In Twitter: @marquitosgarces



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