América de Cali fan puts the team at the Champions League level

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As the most popular song of the Argentine team says during the World Cup in Qatar 2022, “boys, now we are excited again”, this is how the fans of América de Cali are for 2023. Tuesday’s victory against Unión Magdalena left many scarlet impressed with the talent the team has. The arrival of Carlos Darwin Quintero convinced at its premiere at the Pascual Guerrero.

It should be remembered that America started this BetPlay League 2023-1 badly. He visited Deportes Tolima on the first date and lost 2-1 at Manuel Murillo Toro. Now, it is not that it was a set of Alexandre Guimaraes off football, his three figures were there (Falque, Quintero and Facundo Suárez), but they did not meet in the debut.

With the urgency of a defeat in the premiere, the reds went out to eat the world in front of their people. Darwin and Iago Falque gave the show of their lives. They thrashed 4-0 and the Spaniard scored a tremendous free kick. The striker who came from Bolivia, the Argentine Suárez, scored his first goal with the ‘Mechita’ and Andrés Sarmiento scored again as in the game against the ‘Pijaos’.

América de Cali unleashes madness

It was the American debut with 10 points in front of their fans and they came out full of emotion. They have to keep restraint because it is just the start, there were teams that were greatly strengthened and Unión Magdalena was not the club to prove if they were up for great things. Now, no one takes away from the fans the idea of ​​getting excited about a good team.

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So many optimists came out that an América fan appeared after thrashing ‘Ciclón’ who said the following: “This team is here to beat Arsenal (leader of the Premier League) against Barcelona (leader of La Liga) That’s a lot of team! ». Some compared this comment to the famous «agárrate, Real Madrid» of a follower of Junior from Barranquilla in 2017 with ‘Cha-Teo’.

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