América confirms sanction of two dates for its place

América de Cali will have to play behind closed doors in the match against Águilas Doradas for the sixth day of the BetPlay II League at the Pascual Guerrero stadium. The sanction goes back to the match for the date 19 of the BetPlay I League against Deportivo Pasto when America was a visitor.

On that occasion, the fans of the Cali team caused fights, excesses and leaked prohibited objects in the La Libertad stadium. Although the sanction was given in the bulletin of the Dimayor Disciplinary Committee, America presented the resources to prevent the stadium from being sanctioned.

This Monday, August 8, the Dimayor decided that the team will have to pay the penalty, “despite having presented the corresponding resources so that the Dimayor disciplinary instances did not sanction our institution for the events that occurred in the match by the date 19 of the League BetPlay Dimayor I 2022, unfortunately we were sanctioned, among others, with two dates of suspension of the square”, it says in the statement.

The team complains of having filed appeals with examples of other teams whose sanction was lowered or removed for similar events, “taking into account recent precedents with other clubs investigated for similar issues, and within the framework of the right to equality, América proceeded to make use of the resource of the partial suspension of the enforceability of a sanction, provided for in article 42 of the CDU of the FCF. However, the Disciplinary Committee did not grant said request.”

In the statement, the team explains why, “the CD understood that the game we played on October 12 against Cortuluá could not count as a game that met one of the requirements because Pascual Guerrero did not play in our stadium”. And, “for said institution, our club has a series of records for the same conduct in the same championship, where the club has been sanctioned by the Committee, for the improper conduct of spectators, specifically, the use of gunpowder.”

Lastly, the América invited his followers to have good behavior both in Pascual Guerrero and in other soccer venues in Colombia“we invite, once again, all our followers to defend our colors and our flags, pointing out to the police authorities those directly responsible for the occurrence of events like these, which affect our institution and harm the party that we must live inside and out of the stadium.

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