America. Bruno Valdez’s wife ‘jumps’ for her husband after bad game

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Bruno Valdez has definitely had better nights than this Sunday in Toluca, where it was exhibited incessantly by the Red Devils forwards, especially in heads-up and sprint starts in which the Paraguayan and Emanuel Aguilera seemed to go “with a handbrake”, which triggered a lot of criticism from social media users.

America lost an eight game unbeaten streak with a 3-1 that was cheap in the Nemesio Diez and Bruno was made one of the “scapegoats”, but his wife “jumped” on Twitter to defend him of the signals, recalling that the player was without activity for more than half a year due to a serious ligament injury.

Ms Duarte challenged critics to “play a game after eight months with a broken knee” and then to comment on Valdez, who reappeared in the U-20 category in March to pick up his pace, although it is clear that he needs a lot more shooting to regain his form, especially with the Liguilla just around the corner.

Who is Bruno Valdez’s wife?

She is called Magui duarte and is dedicated to professional cosmetology, detailing on her Instagram profile that her specialties are artistic and social makeup, as well as other beauty treatments for women.

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