America adds reinforcements for the Guardians 2021 with little money

The transfer market is living its last opening days where the clubs hope to add the latest incorporations to face this championship that is already being played, where the Americanist institution has already added four new reinforcements from the team to face Guard1anes 2021 in a good way.

The Eagles have added Mauro Lainez, Pedro Aquino, Alan Medina and now last Jordan Silva, who joined the training sessions on Wednesday with his new teammates and to seek to be an option in the squad led by Santiago Solari for this competition event.

According to the reports that ESPN has delivered regarding the market that the cast of America had to sign these four players, the directive would have spent little money to add the athletes to the squad considering that only the pass of a single player such as Aquino was bought.

The other three cases of Lainez, Medina and Silva are loans that the azulcrema cast managed to obtain, who have various contractual situations with the club in their new links that they have signed with the institution.

America only disbursed $ 4 million for the Peruvian midfielderThe only investment that the club has made, obviously leaving out the salary that each of the reinforcements that the club will earn will earn.


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