Amélie Neten: Absent from social networks, they reassure her fans!

Remember Amélie Neten became known to the public in 2010 by participating in the show Secret Story. His secret was ” I am a female Don Juan“. Moreover, in front of the TF1 cameras, the pretty blonde was living a love story with another of the Senna candidates. The lovers even formalized their relationship by getting married in the house of secrets. But once the adventure was over, the Amélie Senna couple did not last very long. However, Amélie’s fiery temper made her the most emblematic candidate in reality TV. Indeed the young woman never hesitated to say out loud what she was thinking, earning her many arguments. She also appeared in several seasons on NRJ12 des Reality tv angels, before going to the other side of the cameras. Indeed tired of seeing her image on the screens, Amélie decided to work in the production company The Big Team. According to some rumors, the pretty blonde is preparing to host her own show. To be continued …

Amélie Neten: Everything is going well for her!

And Amelie Neten has long made the headlines of magazines, the young Belgian is now very discreet. Remember, she lives with her son Hugo and shares her life with her partner Philippe Leonard. Crazy in love, all is well for the young woman. But in recent days Amélie has been totally absent from her social networks. For this reason the pretty blonde has received many emails from subscribers worrying about her. In a video posted on her Snapchat account, the famous Belgian reassures them. In pictures she says: ” I just got back into bed a little bit and I think I’m going to watch a movie (…) it’s true that I haven’t been snapping too much for a few days now because I’ve received a lot of messages. But do not worry. We are therefore reassured!


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