AMD Ryzen: Mini-ITX motherboard with four memory bars and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

ASRock’s server division ASRock Rack has come up with a creative solution to accommodate four instead of the usual two RAM slots on the Mini-ITX mainboard X570D4I-2T: The AM4 CPU version for AMD’s Ryzen 3000 processors slides down, there is space for four SO instead of UDIMMs. These are actually found in notebooks; however, since they are shorter, she uses ASRock Rack on a server mainboard. According to the data sheet, the board can handle ECC-RAM.

ASRock Rack soldered the CPU voltage converter directly above the PCI Express x16 slot, where the chipset is normally located. The chipset is located on the X570D4I-2T on the right side. AMDs X570 is used so that ASRock Rack PCIe 4.0 can activate the x16 slot and the M.2 connector for an NVMe SSD. You won’t find a fan on the Mini-ITX motherboard – the strong case fans in servers should be enough for cooling.

ASRock Rack again takes over the cooler bracket from Intel’s LGA115x sockets, since they take up less space than AM4. With the X570 Phantom Gaming-ITX / TB3 for desktop PCs, ASRock has also switched to this design.

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(Image: ASRock Rack)

Since the X570D4I-2T is to be used in small servers, the mainboard lacks the typical ATX power socket with 24 pins. In addition, a large AST2500 chip from Aspeed sits on the left, which, as a baseboard management controller (BMC), enables remote maintenance via the network. Intel’s Ethernet controller X550-AT2 under the heat sink at the top left rounds off the server equipment with two 10-Gigabit LAN (10GBase-T).

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All the second and third generation Ryzen processors run on the X570D4I-2T. However, it is primarily intended for the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X and 12-core Ryzen 9 3900X.



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