AMD and Qualcomm want to run away from Samsung, they are bothered by the benefits of Apple

As we wrote before, this is AMD, Qualcomm and others who are to be bothered by TSMC’s policy, or simply by prioritizing Apple’s needs. Undoubtedly, it is currently its largest customer, and Intel is also fighting for its place here, or more than before, which will also be in great need of TSMC’s capacities. First it will be a 6nm process for graphics Alchemist or Xe in general and then others more advanced for Ponte Vecchio, Meteor Lake or other products.

But now it’s more of a relationship between TSMC and Apple that bothers AMD and Qualcomm, and it’s not just about that Digitimesbut also Taiwanese TTV, according to which AMD and Qualcomm have had enough of how Apple is favored at TSMC, which is why they decided to move to Samsung Foundry and its 3 nm process.

Samsung should have its 3nm process ready in the first half of next year, but then it will be more of an “early” version of 3GAE (Early), while the 3GAP (Plus) version suitable for the production of more powerful chips will start at the end of 2023.

However, this does not bother AMD at all, as it wants to move to the 5nm process next year, which will certainly be N5 from TSMC and it could last at least another two years, ie when AMD is ready to reach for 3nm technology, it would Samsung should have been available in a suitable version for a long time and perhaps with a good yield.

At the same time, it is clear that Apple will really need significant production capacity now, because relatively soon it should completely abandon Intel, whose chips will have to replace those that will be produced by TSMC and, moreover, according to Nikkei Asia there are also new 5G modems for iPhones, although in their case it will only be a matter of TSMC not producing them for Qualcoom, which would then sell them to Apple, but will manufacture them directly for it. However, as already mentioned, Intel itself is now pushing among major customers requesting modern production processes from TSMC, so it is indeed possible to imagine that AMD and other companies are now in a crush in which, due to their lower weight, they have only small chance to succeed.

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