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Sometimes in the entertainment world there are friendships that people don’t know, don’t know and don’t imagine.

It is always said that in the entertainment world there is no friendship and that it is a false world, made only of appearance and that it is an “all against all” that sees the artists elbowing to grab the greatest visibility, a close-up that lasts longer than another etc. but it is not always the case.

Ambra Angiolini, her career and her sympathy

Ambra Angiolini she is an established actress who has done important things as a child and today, at 40, has a respectable career behind her.

If the beginnings were with a bang, discovered by Gianni Boncompagni to “It’s not Rai” where she had a leading role, she continued her way alone, she was the companion of Francesco Renga, talented and beloved singer, for many years, she had two children with him and today she is a confident and established woman, in love with her current partner, Massimiliano Allegri.

Gianni Boncompagni he had seen it right and that little girl, self-confident and at times a bit unpleasant on purpose, punctured the screen right away.

When Ambra Angiolini gives some television interviews, one of the latest a Mara Venier at Domenica In she proves to be very witty and nice with a ready joke and always amused and funny.

Ambra Angiolini posts a photo with comment and Laura Pausini unmasks it

Ambra Angiolini she posted a photo of her in the countryside next to a cow and wrote: “Every year we choose a destination to meet all #friends # formentera2020.”

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It is evident that Ambra is not in Formentera and then they answered her in many with funny comments and jokes, among the famous people to counter her joke Claudia Gerini, Micaela Adreozzi and Gianni Sperti.

And then Laura Pausini who kept the game writing like this: “Kill how Formentera has changed… who would the cow be? “

At that point, Ambra he wrote: “I always carry you … how many things do we have to do my friend”.

From the question and answer between the two it emerged that they are very friends and that they often travel together or, in any case, share moments of leisure.

A relationship never revealed and perhaps for this reason true and important.

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