Amber turned out to be girls! Johnny Depp will destroy the insidious plan Hurst dirty dirt

The paparazzi caught the actress’s kiss with her mistress.

A short marriage of Johnny Depp and Amber Hearst ended in a scandalous divorce, which was followed by almost the whole world. All Johnny fans were convinced that Amber had married him, pursuing her own selfish goals, which she was trying to achieve by divorce. However, apparently, everything went according to plan.

It seems that now luck has sided with Depp, as he got dirty dirt on Hurst’s arm. Amber turned out to be girls. The paparazzi captured a passionate kiss of the actress with film decorator Bianca Buti. This fact once again confirms that her feelings for Depp were a hoax. All she wanted was to gain popularity and money after a divorce.

These pictures may help Johnny restore his good name and destroy Hearst’s cunning plan to sue him a tidy sum. Since unconventional orientation does not fit into a marriage with a man. Obviously, this was a fiction, behind which Amber was hiding in order to maximize her profit, while also spoiling Johnny’s reputation.

Now, most likely, it will become obvious to everyone that the actress wanted to circle both Depp and all her fans. After all, as litigation has shown, for this girl there is absolutely nothing sacred.


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