Amazon renames Twitch Prime to Prime Gaming – Gaming – News

Amazon has rebranded its Twitch Prime service as Prime Gaming. This puts the name of the service in line with that of Prime Video for online video and Prime Reading for e-books. The content of the service does not change.

Amazon has Prime Gaming introduced, but the company reports even that it is Twitch Prime under a new name. The service therefore contains the same functionality such as a free Twitch channel subscription and a few free PC games every month. Prime Gaming is part of Amazon’s Prime membership, as are Prime Video, Prime Reading, Amazon Music and Amazon Photos. According to the company, there are now more than 150 million Prime members.

Amazon introduced Twitch Prime in 2016, combining its Prime service with game platform Twitch. That platform was originally aimed at streaming games. Amazon took it in 2014 over as part of its strategy to enter the gaming market. Amazon now has its own game studio and offers services to run game functionality on its cloud platform AWS. According to rumors the company is working on its own game streaming service.

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