Amazon pulls plug from game Crucible | after years of development NOW

Web store giant Amazon has pulled the plug on its game after years of development Crucible drawn, the company reports his site.

The shooting game Crucible had been in development at Amazon subsidiary Relentless Studios since 2014. In the free game, players could compete against each other online.

Amazon released the game in May this year, but after many complaints from players, the title was brought back to a testing phase in July. Since then, the studio has been working on an improved version.

“We have since analyzed all the feedback received and made a difficult choice,” Relentless Studios now writes on its blog. “We will stop developing CrucibleThe developers will be working on other games from Amazon, including the online role-playing game New World.

Amazon’s first serious game

This puts an end to the first serious game that Amazon wanted to make. The tech giant had made games before, but these were mainly intended for smartphones and tablets.

Amazon is increasingly investing in games. The company bought the streaming platform Twitch a few years ago. Luna was also recently unveiled, which allows gamers to play their games from data centers. It competes with Google’s Stadia and Microsoft’s Game Pass.


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