Amazon opens the Parma hub: over 100 jobs and green structure

Amazon has expanded the logistics network in Italy by inaugurating a new sorting center in Parma. In addition to creating more than 100 jobs, the building will be powered by renewable energy. The structure, operational since 7 October, covers an area of ​​approximately 11 thousand square meters. The announcement of the imminent opening was made in mid-May: in just five months, therefore, the new warehouse saw the light.

Amazon in Parma, green building: from photovoltaic panels to facades

The roof and facades of the hub Amazon di Parma were built with materials that guarantee a high level of insulation efficiency thermal. On the roof, on the other hand, some panels solar photovoltaic to produce 150 kW of electricity (the equivalent of 50% of the structure’s energy consumption). The building also has a fully a led, complemented by natural lighting thanks to several windows and skylights.

A Bms system (building management system) will monitor the use of all the instruments present inside the plant, allowing the center manager to maintain fixed levels of energy savings. Also provided 30 columns for the recharge of electric vehicles that will facilitate a zero-emission mode of transport.

Amazon in Parma, over 100 jobs: how to apply

The new hub will lead to the creation of over 100 jobs between warehouse operators hired directly by Amazon and drivers of companies providing services of delivery. The structure is already active, but the company is always looking for new talents. On the official website of the Seattle giant, with regard to the Parma hub, an announcement is aimed at those who want to apply for the role of Team Lead Operations. Duties include: shift management, team supervision, order control. However, there are many offices still on the hunt for personnel.

For example, in the Passo Corese offices (Rieti), Vercelli, Castel San Giovanni (Piacenza), Torrazza (Torino), Castelguglielmo (Rovigo) and Colleferro (Roma) places are available to perform the duties of warehouse worker.


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