Amazon failure interrupted Hacienda and QR vaccination online services

The fall of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, this Tuesday morning, interrupted online services in Costa Rica and other parts of the world. The problems even interfered with obtaining the complete vaccination QR code against covid-19.

AWS from the multinational Amazon Inc. is a popular cloud computing service whose failure disconnected dozens of sites and other services dependent on that platform.

The page of service status confirmed that they experienced problems with certain interfaces in their applications and in the AWS Management Console, which affected the availability of their own functions.

“We continue to experience increased error rates for various AWS services. The main cause of this problem is a deterioration of various network devices. We continue to work towards mitigation and are actively working on a number of different mitigation and resolution actions. Although we have observed some early signs of recovery, we do not have an estimated time for a complete recovery, ”indicated a message from those in charge in the afternoon.

The issue caused problems for users to access the shopping page, use their Alexa smart assistance system and all their online video and music services. Also the platforms Disney +, Duolingo, Tinder, Roku, Coinbase and online gaming applications experienced drops according to Downdetector this Tuesday.

In Costa Rica, the failure was registered after 9:20 am, according to the online monitoring service Downdetector, which an hour later accumulated just over 11,000 reports of interruption of user service in the world.

Treasury and QR affected

“During the afternoon, Amazon has reported a series of damages in some of its platforms. This has affected some institutions such as the Ministry of Finance and also the platform for obtaining certificates of Vaccination QR“, Explained Jorge Mora, director of Digital Governance of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Telecommunications (Micitt).

On the previous October 26, Mora explained in a press conference that the entire system of the Ministry of Health for the management of QRs that test complete vaccination against covid-19 deposits all user data on AWS servers and to which it only has Access the department of technical solutions of Health.

For his part, Elián Villegas, Minister of Finance, confirmed that virtual services of that portfolio had been affected by an Internet crash, which also affected access to the shopping platform

The minister pointed out that the problem occurred in his platform to validate electronic invoicing and was due to the fall for several hours of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform in which Treasury databases are found. The entity negotiated with a local provider the restoration of the service through a contingency plan that is activated in these cases.

The Treasury asked the companies to enable this contingency plan established by the General Directorate of Taxation so as not to affect their clients while the operation is reestablished.

At 6 pm, a large number of services had already been restored, without an official report yet.


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