Amazing! This is an image of a star cluster that was successfully captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope

Image of a star cluster captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope / Wion News

JAKARTA, Space Telescope James Webb has made headlines for the brilliant pictures it has taken of the universe. The images, taken with the help of infrared images on a telescope, have provided a brilliant data set for scientists to decode a number of mysteries.

However, its predecessor the Hubble Space Telescope has produced new images that have surprised experts. NASA and ESA, the agency that manages Hubble, have released an image of a star cluster named the globular cluster NGC 6638. NASA calling it belongs to the constellation Sagittarius.

While Hubble doesn’t have the same camera quality as the James Webb telescope, the Wide Field Camera 3 and Advanced Camera for Surveys are capable of capturing images. The cluster contains millions of stars and although the image quality is quite advanced, it is impossible to understand the individual bodies.

Due to Hubble’s proximity to the cluster, the images are not as distorted as those taken by telescopes from the Earth’s surface. The cluster has become very popular among researchers since its discovery, and has added to the number of new celestial bodies that the Hubble Telescope has captured in the past.

In a statement issued by the University of Toronto, Lamiya Mowla, the paper’s lead author, said Hubble had brought a “revival in studies” in the way researchers study galaxies. He also said that the 3D-DASH system has also improved its wide-area imaging. (nda)

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