Amazing Lala doll for Rp 100 million was solved by a boy – As parents, taking care of children must be patient and extra attentive. Parents should not be careless to pay attention to the behavior of children. Especially if you take your child to a public place, such as a mall.

If not watched carefully, the unexpected can happen unexpectedly. As happened at Langham Place, Mongkok, Hong Kong recently. A child accidentally drops a statue Lala Teletubbies at a mall.

It is known that the price of the Teletubbies is worth more than 52,000 Hong Kong Dollars or the equivalent of Rp. 100 million. In a video uploaded on the site, a small child can be seen accidentally dropping a statue of Lala Teletubbies. He seemed to be leaning on the statue.



Unexpectedly, the statue fell and broke into pieces. The child only looks down at the statue that has been destroyed. It is known, the parents were asked to compensate for the damaged statue.

The Lala doll statue was designed by KK Plus, a toy shop in Hong Kong. From that incident, the child’s parents were asked to replace only about 33 thousand Hong Kong dollars or around Rp. 60 million. The incident became a matter of public debate. This is because the child is innocent of accidentally dropping the statue.

Quoted from, lawyer Lu Weixong explained that children under 10 years old do not have to bear the criminal burden. Meanwhile, civil liability depends on age, education level and things that can be seen in general. The younger the child, the smaller the responsibility.


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