Amanda’s Report Results in Mario Dandy Being Reported, AG Being Reported, and Shane Being Spared By Police


Anastasia Pretya Amanda aka APA (19) emphasized that his party did not report Shane Lukas (19) regarding this defamation after being called a ‘whisper’ led to the persecution of Cristalino David Ozora (17). Amanda only reported Mario Dandy Satrio (20) and his girlfriend AG (15).

“Shane was not (reported),” said Amanda’s legal representative, Enita Edyalaksmita to reporters, Monday (27/3/2023).

This rectifies the previous statement which stated that all parties involved, namely Mario Dandy, Shane Lukas (19) and AG reported about pollution. Enita explained that Shane was not reported because he never called his client a whisperer.

“Shane with his legal authority never mem-blow up in the media and talk about Amanda, nothing,” he said.

Meanwhile, he mentioned that Mario Dandy and the AG continuously cornered his client by accusing him of being a whisperer in the matter at hand.

“Actually, AGH and MDS, through their attorneys, boasted through the media in a corner that it seemed as if Amanda had been proven. She said this was based on my client’s BAP. It can’t be like that, if the BAP is lying. How? The evidence has been proven to be a lie,” he said.

“Said, he just said an ordinary fight at the police station. It turned out to be light abuse. I didn’t know it got here, instead there were two videos and it turned out that the persecution was no longer ordinary persecution. Already extraordinary,” he added.

As is known, Amanda’s report was registered with the number LP/1376/III/2023/SPKT POLDA METRO JAYA. In the report, Amanda reports Mario Dandy and his girlfriend AG on suspicion of Article 310 of the Criminal Code and Article 311 of the Criminal Code regarding defamation or slander.

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