Amal Arafa to the joint drama

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The star, Amal Arafa, achieved remarkable success in the series “Brando Al Sharq” starring George Khabbaz and also writing it.

The Syrian star Amal Arafa visited Beirut and recorded a special episode for one of the TV stations, and she met with some producers in Lebanon, at a time when information was circulated about the possibility of Amal Arafa starring in a drama related to the platforms for the benefit of the companies themselves, and it is narrated about the possibility of contracting with her soon, according to these sources, especially after success. Which she reaped from her role in Brando East, and the consequent success and increase in demand.

Also in the context, it is said about a long series project in which Arafa will star in front of a group of Syrian and Arab actors, but she is waiting for a final decision because filming requires full dedication for this project and more than six months.


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