Alzheimer Nederland presents national strategy for dementia

Prior to World Alzheimer’s Day on September 21, 2021, Alzheimer Nederland presents a refined National Strategy for Dementia, incorporating the lessons learned from the corona crisis. Central to this is the quality of life of the growing group of people with dementia. Alzheimer Nederland states that our country should never again fall into the medical scenario of a generic lockdown, but always look at what is possible and desirable per person. The well-being of people with dementia and their family members has suffered a major blow and deserves the highest priority, Alzheimer Nederland said in a press release.

“This time of corona has painfully exposed how it should never be done again. Chosen solutions were needed temporarily, but also proved to be harmful for people with dementia. Our own organization also searched for ‘the right thing’ in the beginning. At the start of the crisis, we also stopped our own regular meetings in the country. Physical safety comes first, to limit the number of infections, ”says Gerjoke Wilmink, director of Alzheimer Nederland.

“Unfortunately, that turned out not to be a long-lasting solution. Our Alzheimer Cafés, Meeting points and Teahouses across the country are now carefully opening their doors again. And if that is not possible, we will solve it online. But this is not the same, we are well aware of that. ”

National Strategy for Dementia

The National Strategy for Dementia is now more urgent than ever, says Alzheimer Nederland. Many achievements of the past few years seem to be reversed in one fell swoop. “In practice, we see a decline to the medical model, to the disease. The quality of life has deteriorated sharply due to the corona virus. Daytime activities were discontinued, care at home was reduced and nursing homes were subject to a complete visitor stop. The people in nursing homes missed their visitors, daily activities and the outdoors. At the moment, many people with dementia are still at home without a daytime activity. “

Alzheimer Nederland states that the well-being of people with dementia and their informal caregivers must again be at the top of the list of priorities and shares its spearheads with the broad field of dementia, care and politics: The organization aims, among other things, to better align care and support for people at home with what people people with dementia and their informal carers want and need, improvement of the participation of people with dementia in society, improvement of the resilience and persistence of informal caregivers and improvement of the quality of life of residents in nursing homes through personal agreements.

By: Nationale Zorggids

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