Alzheimer Café Hoorn: Dealing with Changes in Behavior in Dementia Patients

HOORN – In the Hoge Hop, Bittern 2 in Hoorn, a meeting of the Alzheimer Café Hoorn will take place on Wednesday 21 June. Everyone is welcome in the Alzheimer Café: people with forgetfulness or dementia, their partners, children and interested parties are invited. The subject of this evening is: ‘If we no longer understand each other’: how can we best deal with a change in behaviour? My partner can’t get off the couch, now what? My mom sometimes makes nasty remarks. How do I best respond to that? Ellen Bos-Ruijer, a GZ psychologist working at Geriant, has been invited as an expert. The moderator of this evening is Annet Koelman. The program starts at 7:30 PM. Entrance is free. Visitors do not have to register in advance. More information via Elly Buter: [email protected] .

2023-06-01 14:11:17
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