Alza changed the price list. You will also pay for the collection of goods that are in stock

The e-shop has changed the price list for the delivery of individual orders. For most customers, the possibility of picking up the goods at the branch ends free of charge if they are in stock on the spot. The only exception is the showroom in Prague Holešovice.

Delivery to the trunk of a car is started by other companies. Alza, Zásilkovna and DoDo are added. The delivery fee is normal if you use one of the courier or delivery services. For large e-shops, however, over time, it has become customary to charge for collection at the stone branch of the store. Alza was no exception and charged the fee whenever it was necessary to deliver the goods to the place. If it was already in stock, however, collection was free. That is changing now.

Alza and the price of transport Currently, you pay a fee of 39 crowns every time you order goods for the store and it does not matter whether it is immediately in stock or not. The only exception is the Prague showroom in Holešovice, where the collection of goods in stock is still free.

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