Always Without Symptoms, This Is The Stage Of HIV To AIDS, SOLO — Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is a virus that weakens the immune system and ultimately causes it Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). How to recognize the symptoms of HIV?

AIDS is a group of medical conditions that indicate weakened immunity, often taking the form of co-infections (opportunistic infections) and cancer. Until now, AIDS has not been cured.

As quoted from Ministry of Health website (Ministry of Health), some time ago, there were at least 4 stages in the journey of HIV to AIDS.

Window Period

At this stage, the virus enters the body and develops. At this stage, if you do an HIV test, the virus is not necessarily detectable by examining blood antibodies.

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During this period, no specific symptoms arise from people with HIV. However, people with HIV can pass it on to other people.

No Symptoms

At this stage the virus can be detected if you do an HIV test with a blood test. However, at this stage there are no symptoms from a person who is infected with HIV. They look healthy, although it also depends on the immune system.

Usually this occurs 5-10 years from the first time infected. People who have been infected are called PLWHA (People with HIV and AIDS).

Symptoms appear

There are several symptoms that can occur in people with HIV at this stage. Such as prolonged fever, weight loss, continuous diarrhea for no apparent reason.

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Can also cough and shortness of breath for more than one month continuously and skin itching. Usually a bluish red spot appears to be the symptoms that appear at this stage.

These symptoms indicate there is already damage to the immune system.


This stage is the final stage in which the body’s immunity has decreased so much that it is attacked by various diseases such as pneumonia (TB / Tuberculosis).

It can also be inflammation due to mold in the mouth and esophagus, nervous disorders (toxoplasmosis), skin cancer, and intestinal infections. The Ministry of Health said that in general HIV cases in Indonesia tended to increase every year, while AIDS cases were relatively stable.

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This indicates that more and more people with HIV / AIDS are still infected with HIV, but have not entered the AIDS stage.

Ministry data states that people with HIV are 62% male and 38% female. As for AIDS, 64% of men and 38% of women. In terms of age, most people with HIV were aged 25-49 years. In 2018 there were 33,448 people in that age range who contracted HIV.

HIV test

When the early symptoms of HIV are not hard to see, HIV test be one way to make sure someone has HIV or not. Blood testing and counseling are the main points of entry for prevention, care and treatment support services.

The Ministry of Health said that many people were reluctant to take HIV / AIDS tests for reasons of being lazy and fear of stigma in society against people with HIV.

In fact, people who have been infected with HIV / AIDS can only survive if they are given drugs in the form of antiretroviral drugs (ARVs).

“So once we are infected, we will take medicine for life. Until now, the existing drugs are only for drugs that are taken for life. “

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Ministry of Health said case fatality rate (CFR) AIDS shows a downward trend. CFR is the number of deaths (in percent) compared to the number of cases in a particular disease.

In 2000, CFR AIDS in Indonesia reached 21.38%. This means that of the total AIDS sufferers, 21.38% died. Now for the last two years (2016-2017), CFR AIDS has become 1.08%.

“This proves that the treatment efforts carried out have succeeded in reducing the death rate from AIDS,” said the Ministry of Health at Indodatin HIV / AIDS 2018.

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