Alvin Wijaya Resigns from TGUPP, These Are the Facts


Name Alvin Wijaya | was revealed as a member of TGUPP Governor Anies Baswedan who resigned. Alvin is known to be a member of the TGUPP in the strategic response sector.

Alvin Wijaya’s resignation was first mentioned in a meeting forum between the DKI Provincial Government and Commission A of the DKI DPRD. The chairman of Commission A DPRD DKI Mujiono asked about the news about the TGUPP member with the initials AW resigning.

Member of Commission A DPRD DKI Jakarta, Thopaz Nuhgraha Syamsul then confirmed that AW were the initials of Alvin Wijaya.

“Yes, that’s right, Alvin Wijaya,” said Thopaz when contacted, Monday (24/5/2021).

So what is known about the figure of Alvin Wijaya who resigned from TGUPP? following the review.

Withdrawing April 1

According to information conveyed by Deputy Head of the DKI Jakarta Regional Development Planning Agency (Bappeda) Tri Indrawan, Alvin Wijaya | is known to have joined TGUPP since March 29, 2018. He is included in the strategic response field.

Through Governor’s Circular Letter 6 132 in 2021, Alvin will be dismissed as of April 1, 2021 with the same position, namely a strategic response. Regarding the reason for the resignation of the man with the initials AW, there has been no explanation.

Tri emphasized that TGUPP members do not need to provide reasons for their resignation. Why so?

“I have already conveyed it. In the regulations there are 4 items that were dismissed, one was sick, died, the suspect or convict and finally resigned,” said Tri.

The reason for resignation is not yet known

According to Thopaz, he did not yet know the reason for his resignation Alvin Wijaya | as TGUPP. He asked the DKI Jakarta Bappeda to immediately give him a definite answer.

“And the temporary answer for Bappeda is that the administration has resigned, not dismissed. I emphasize it to Bappeda as soon as possible. I need a definite and complete answer. So within 1-2 days we will only get the complete answer,” he said.

Called There Mafia Department

Meanwhile, Thopas suspects resignation Alvin Wijaya | related to the mafia positions in the DKI Pemprov. Commission A of the DKI Jakarta DPRD plans to summon the DKI Jakarta Assistant Government, the DKI Jakarta Regional Personnel Agency, and the DKI Jakarta Bappeda regarding this case.

Thopaz suspects that Alvin’s resignation is related to the official mafia.

“If from our point of view and our speculation from issues in the field and issues in the office, AW is still associated with the office mafia,” said Thopaz.

The Gerindra politician is also worried that this will also affect the actions of hundreds of ASNs who refuse to participate in the echelon 2 position auction, even though administratively he has resigned.

“So we summon BKD, call Bappeda, summon government assistants regarding the lack of desire of civil servants (and) ASNs to be promoted. It is feared that there are mafia positions that trade, that’s why there is minimal desire,” he explained.

DKI Provincial Government’s Response

Responding to the alleged mafia position for his resignation Alvin Wijaya |, DKI Pemprov spoke up.

“Yesterday, the Deputy Head of Bappeda explained that he had resigned as of April 1, 2021,” said DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Assistant for Administration, Sigit Wijatmoko, when contacted, Tuesday (25/5/2021).

Sigit showed the DKI Jakarta Provincial Secretariat (Sekda) Announcement letter number 2 in 2021 concerning Open Selection for Primary High Leadership Positions in the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta. The letter was signed by DKI Jakarta Regional Secretary Marullah Matali on April 14, 2021.

“Please see the date of the announcement of the said Secretary,” said Sigit. From the letter referred to by Sigit, the position auction took place after Alvin resigned from TGUPP.

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