Alvaro Soler announces “Magia European Tour 2022” and talks to us about the new album “Magia”


Karina Topolnizki
/ 06.04.2021

Alvaro Soler is back and is coming to Germany for six concerts in his big “Magia European Tour 2022”! All information about the presale and our interview with the singer can be found here.

Alvero Soler Tickets ab dem 23.04.

Alvaro Solers has just announced his new album “Magia” for July 9, 2021, and there is amazing news again: The superstar is coming to Germany for six dates performs seine Hits on the big “Magia European Tour 2022” live in Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Leipzig, Nuremberg and Berlin. And now watch out: From now on you can pre-order new album and you so before everyone else Secure your tickets exclusively at Ticketmaster from April 21st! Here we have all the information for you.

In order to give first insights into the upcoming album and thus also the music of the 2022 tour, Alvaro Soler also speaks in our interview about his new music, his love for live performances and life in times of Corona. And we find out what to expect on “Magia” and the accompanying live tour in 2022.

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The new album “Magia” will be released on July 9, 2021

After he has pressed the music pause button for a while, we are looking forward to finally being able to say: Alvaro Soler is back! In March, the pop singer released his brand new one Single „Magia“. The song not only brought joy and hope into a cold and depressing time, but also gave a first foretaste of the sound of the “Magia European Tour 2022”: fresh, relaxed and above all happy. But it shouldn’t stop with this release for a long time! At the July 9 In 2021, Alvaro Solers will also appear with the same name new album. What the studio album “Magic” has ready for us, the star reveals in an interview.

Alvaro Soler in an interview about new music, Corona and live concerts

You took a break from music for a while. How does it feel to be back?

It feels great! I’ve worked on so many things over the past year. I’m really looking forward to showing it to you and sharing my music with you!

Did you develop as an artist during this time? Have aspects of your music or your creative process changed?

Yes, in any case. I believe that I always change as time passes and I gain new experiences. This album will definitely be more expressive and new instruments will be heard. I’ve had more time to work and write on topics I’ve always wanted to address.

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Hearing your music is like an instant “happiness boost”. In the music video for “Magia” you literally brought the good weather and that holiday feeling to Germany. How does it feel to move other people with your music?

Thank you! I always try to put all my heart and soul into every song and that is something that you definitely feel when listening to it! “Magia” is like a loaded good mood bomb that is waiting to explode at any moment!

On July 9th the time has finally come: Alvaro Soler’s long-awaited album “Magia” will be released! The new work of the charming pop star will reflect his personal experiences and feelings – happy and melancholy at the same time. We also get to hear new instruments from different countries on the tracks.

Where do you get your inspiration for making music from?

Usually I write about my personal experiences and I just have to live to be inspired. During Corona it was harder for me to find inspiration at first, but when I broke it it felt great!

Speaking of Corona: The pandemic has turned our lives upside down. How did she influence you as an artist and as a person?

She opened my eyes and senses to the little things around me. I had the chance to find happiness in what we perceive to be normal. Hugging your parents, drinking a beer in a bar, watching the sunset, for example …

Is there an artist who inspires you as an artist?

Yes there are so many! Juanes, Shakira, John Mayer, J Balvin.

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Not only your music and music videos, but above all your energetic and lively live performances inspire your fans. What does live mean to you?

I connect with my fans via concerts! We see each other and can laugh, sing, dance. So many things happen and an incredible amount of energy is exchanged between the stage and the audience. I LOVE it and I miss it very much!

Which of your songs do you prefer to perform?

I love to play “La Cintura” because I always end up having everyone sing acapella and there is no better feeling than hearing the crowd sing like that! I still get goosebumps (laughs).

Radio and charts used to be dominated by English-speaking songs, even in non-English-speaking countries. However, that has changed in recent years – artists like you have made it possible. What does it mean to you to sing in your mother tongue?

It feels very natural. It feels familiar and it’s amazing to know that fans outside of Spain feel my music!

We can’t wait for the release of “Magia” in July. What can we expect from your new album?

Yes, I feel the same way! (laughs) It will be full of joy, but also some rather melancholy elements. The album will be a journey through my new experiences.

How does your new album differ from your previous music?

It is more adventurous. There are new instruments on the album that I collected from trips to different countries and it has great new vibes! I’m really looking forward to it!

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