Altitude Can Above 20 Meters

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The island of Java has the potential to experience a large tsunami, although the time cannot be predicted. There are a number of areas that will be affected if this happens.

Daryono, as a BMKG researcher, explained that the BMKG has modeled if there is an 8.7 magnitude earthquake. The model is with centers in various regions and as a result the entire south of Java will be affected.

“We have modeled the earthquake that occurred up to 8.7, whether the epicenter was in East Java, south of Java in Jakarta, south of West Java, south of Banten, or the Sunda Strait. Almost the entire south of Java was affected,” explained Daryono in CNBC Indonesia’s PROFIT program recently. this.

The biggest impact will also hit the coast with sloping contours. Because the tsunami waves will be very high in size.

It is different if the beach has a steep place in the form of cliffs. Daryono said it would be somewhat safer there.

“Moreover, the coast has a sloping contour. There will be a significant tsunami height, some places are above 20 meters. Places with steep beaches in the form of cliffs are rather safe, the tsunami will not reach the mainland,” he explained.

Daryono said, if an earthquake megathrust 8.7 M in the south of Banten and the Sunda Strait occurs, it will have an impact on West Java, Lampung and even into the Java Sea.

“But we should be aware that if a tsunami occurs, there is a full moon, then the height is more than that. For friends at ITB it is more than that. Because we have different data that is processed,” he said.

The Bandung Institute of Technology predicts a potential tsunami with a height of 20 meters on the coast of Java Island and its surroundings. This is due to the accumulation of energy in the megathrust section of the Sunda Strait to the coast of Java Island, said Head of the Geodesy Laboratory of ITB Heri Andreas based on data from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS).

From the modeling results, this 20 meter tsunami came from an earthquake with a magnitude of 8.7 to 9.0. The Jakarta area itself has a greater potential for a tsunami. Because the coast of Jakarta is already under the sea to minus 1-2 meters.

“Based on the model simulation results, the tsunami run-up can reach most of Pluit, Ancol, Gunung Sahari, Kota Tua to Gajah Mada. If we look at the model, it turns out that it almost touched the Palace,” said Heri in a written statement.

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