Although Call of Duty is last year’s best-selling game, the publisher has been disappointed


Part Call of Duty: Vanguard, which is set in the Second World War, sold out well from a common point of view. Who wouldn’t want to have the best-selling game of the year in their portfolio, but the publisher of Activision Blizzard sees it differently. If we compare the results with previous years, they are among the worst in the last ten years.

“Although Call of Duty remains one of the most successful entertainment franchises of all time, our premium edition in 2021 did not meet our expectations, which we believe is mainly due to our own implementation,” annual report society in 2021, which basically blames thematic engagements and developers.

Mobile Call of Duty is another Acrtivision Blizzard gold mine.

“The introduction of the game to the Second World War did not find a response in part of our community and we did not bring as many innovations in the premium game as we would like. We are definitely solving both of these problems when launching this year’s games. “

The company has already confirmed that this year the war range will return to the modern environment, with Modern Warfare by Infinity Ward. The same studio is to take care of the expansion of free 2 play Warzone. He describes his entire efforts as “the most ambitious plan in the history of Call fu Duty,” according to the report, more than 3,000 people are working on the development.

On the contrary, it earned praise mobile Call of Duty, in which players spent over a billion dollars last year after launching in China. “The number of people playing Call of Duty on mobile devices each month was almost equal to the number of people playing on consoles and PCs in 2021.” Not surprisingly, a mobile version of Warzone is being created. Blizzard is also working on mobile games, it will be released this year Diablo Immortal a Warcraft Arclight Rumble.


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