Alternate parking returns to NYC on July 5 -before pandemic

Starting next Tuesday, July 5, the Alternative Side Parking (ASP) regulations for street cleaning will be restored to the pre-pandemic frequency, as indicated by signage throughout the city, according to the Department of Sanitation. from the city.

According to the department, the measure is part of the “tools” that Sanitation needs to do its job “of keeping the city healthy, safe and clean.”

Environmental justice begins in the streets, the department added, “and clean streets are vital to vibrant neighborhoods and our city’s economic recovery.”

It was said that the work of the mechanical sweeper “is the most profitable and efficient means of cleaning the streets.”

Mechanical brooms, Saneamiento added, “collect several thousand kilos of trash and debris each day and are key components of a comprehensive public health and environmental justice program. Without this short period of curb access, trash and debris accumulates causing a cleanup problem and polluting our waterways.”

Questions and answers about alternate parking.

When should I move my vehicle?

When the ASP is in effect, you may not park on the side of the street that is being cleaned. Move your vehicle during posted street cleaning regulations. The rules apply for the entire time indicated on the sign, even if a sweeper has passed.

When is my street cleaning done?

You can check the AEP regulations on specific street cleaning signs using the parking sign location map.

Needs more information?

Learn more about the ASP on the ASP information page. 311 city.

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