Also up for auction: Audi RS6 Avant in deep dark blue

After our discovery of that special Audi RS6 Plus Sedan, we lingered on the BVA Auctions website. So we found much more beautiful!

We are all familiar with the auctions of Domeinen RZ, the legal custodian of seized goods and represents the State at the auction thereof. But this is of course not the only auction where you can buy something nice. For example, this beautifully executed Audi RS6 Avant of the C6 generation is offered at BVA Auctions. Finally no Nardo Gray on an RS6!

In addition to the deep dark blue color, the RS6 has the desired carbon package and the package with which the car effortlessly continues up to its top speed of +300 km / h. The car in question has a new value of € 167,701, according to the RDW data. In the meantime, the value has of course decreased considerably and you can now place a bid from € 31,500. There have already been 34 bidders before you and we are curious for what amount this handsome RS6 will leave the auction. Bidding is open until October 13 this website.

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