Already knowing that Rizky Billar becomes a suspect, Lesti immediately returns to RI


Rizky Billar was named a suspect in domestic violence against his wife Lesti Kejora. Lesti’s attorney, Sandi Arifin, said her client was aware of the suspect’s determination.

“I know. He wants to go home soon,” Sandi Arifin told reporters on Wednesday (10/12/2022).

Sandy mentions this time Ready still doing umrah. Lesti is rumored to be returning to Indonesia soon.


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“I continue to practice worship,” said Sandi Arifin.

“Maybe as soon as possible (by going home), the message is that we can’t make any statements yet,” said Sandi Arifin.

He said he is currently handing the legal process over to the police. Sandi Arifin was reluctant to comment further, she said she would wait sooner Ready go home.

“We presented it to the police. As for the statement, I cannot provide any statements before my client returns to Umrah,” he said.

Previously, Rizky Billar was named a suspect after being examined as a witness for 8 hours. Rizky was interrogated by South Jakarta police from noon to 11:00 WIB.

“Tonight, I can convey the results of the investigation by Satreskrim investigators of the South Jakarta Metro Police who raised Muhammad Rizky’s status from a witness to a suspect,” said Jakarta Metro Police Public Relations Chief Kombes Zulpan. during a press conference with South Jakarta police on Wednesday (10/12/2022).

The police themselves are said to have pocketed a series of evidence relating to Rizky Billar’s domestic violence. This evidence includes CCTV cameras, statements from witnesses about the autopsy results.

“In line with the course of the examination and related to the examination of other witnesses and the statements of the victims, as well as the results of the autopsy that support the existence of domestic violence on the part of the complainant,” said Zulpan.

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“We have more than two pieces of evidence, so tonight the state in question is being raised as a suspect,” he said.

Watch the video: Rizky Billar is still at the South Jakarta police, further examination Thursday morning

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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