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covid-19-bolehkah-traveling"> – Many people will of course wonder about what benefits will be obtained after getting the Covid-19 vaccine.

Whether it opens up the possibility to leave the house more freely without a mask, or even traveling to a tourist spot that has not been visited for a long time.

Then, is it permissible to do so traveling after Covid-19 vaccination?

Vaccinations basically provide an additional layer of protection which is very important and effective for the body. Even so, we still need to be vigilant if we want to travel.

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Vaccinated people can visit someone and gather indoors with other people who have been vaccinated, without masks and without social distancing.

That’s what the guide sounds like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) United States.

However, the CDC still advises us to reduce the duration of traveling to places that are too crowded and crowded with people.

“Remember that vaccines don’t work right away. We need to give the body about two weeks, after which each dose responds strongly enough to the immune system. “

“We estimate that about two weeks after the second dose, the body has very high protection.”

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So said Amira Roess, Professor of global health and epidemiology at George Mason University. Fairfax, Virginia.

This view is also in line with the advice given by Hermawan Saputra as the Epidemiologist of the Indonesian Public Health Association.

“This vaccine has several stages. During that time, you still have to avoid mobility to and fro. “

“It must be monitored from post-vaccine follow-up events that may arise,” he told, Last Wednesday (13/1/2021).

Hermawan reminded that Indonesia is also still waiting for the achievement of community immunity or herd immunity about 30-40 percent.

For this reason, it is better if we still refrain from traveling to tourist attractions for traveling purposes, even though we have been fully vaccinated.

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He also emphasized that we need to adhere to health protocols and not just travel around freely after being vaccinated.

Don’t lose your guard against this virus just because you have been vaccinated.



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