Alpine F1, 2021 F1 machine “A521” announced in February … Special coloring released[]

Alpine F1 announced that the name of the 2021 F1 machine is “A521”. The provisional version of the special coloring will be unveiled, and the official coloring will be released in February.

In September last year, Renault announced that it would change the name of the F1 team to Alpine from 2021 as part of the rebranding.

At a press conference outlining its new strategic approach, Renault called “Renaulution,” he described various plans for Renault Sport under the Alpine brand, including a rebranding of the F1 team.

As part of the announcement, as a 2021 coloring teaser, the rear and front and rear wings of the machine were shown in tentative coloring with red, white and blue coloring based on black.

According to Alpine F1, the design is a “temporary winter livery” and the black livery is a homage to the 1975 A500 F1 prototype.

The coloring for the race will be released at the recital of the F1 machine “Alpine A521” to be held in February. Drivers Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon will participate in the recital.

“The coloring announced today is the first reminder of the new identity of the Appine F1 team,” said Antony Vilan, Alpine’s design director.

“Some structural graphic elements remain in racing colours, others have been modified. The” oversized “Alpine emblem of the Tricolor graphic system is the first clear symbol of the brand’s identity in motorsport.”

“Blue, white and red represent the colors of the French and British flags that are very important to us. There are still many variations on all motorsport assets.”

Alpine A521Alpine F1 A521Alpine A521

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