Alphen aan den Rijn receives policy in the field of cultural history | NOW

Alphen aan den Rijn will have a policy in the field of cultural history. This concerns a cultural-historical zoning plan. The municipality does not have a policy so far, because this was not arranged at the time of the merger between Alphen aan den Rijn, Boskoop and Rijnwoude.

The three merged municipalities all had different cultural and heritage policies. After the merger in 2014, heritage had no priority. The city council did not adopt a policy until mid-October 2016. This meant that the heritage must be treated unambiguously throughout the municipality.

Based on this, the Cultural-Historical Values ​​Map has been compiled, which includes which objects are worthy of protection. The Cultuurhistorische Waardenkaart generally concerns the outside of a protective building.

A zoning plan will soon be established, in which the Cultural-historical Values ​​Map will be included together with the legal anchoring. The city council can agree to this on October 15. The zoning plan will then be brought into procedure, so that everyone can see the plan.


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