Alone in New York “without Trump? That is what Macaulay Culkin thinks

He welcomes proposed changes

Macaulay Culkin (40) supports the fans in their efforts to cut Donald Trump (74) from the movie “Kevin – Alone in New York”. The current US president had a cameo in 1992 in the sequel to “Kevin – Alone at Home”.

Culkin, the main actor of the comedy, responded to the idea of ​​a Twitter user to digitally replace Trump in the film with the 40-year-old actor: “Bought.” Another fan has already gone to the trouble of making Trump unrecognizable in the scene with Culkin and shared his work on Twitter. “By popular request, I removed Trump from Kevin Alone in New York,” he added. Culkin gave it a “Bravo” for it.

This is how the Trump cameo came about

Trump, against whom a second impeachment process has just been initiated, makes a brief appearance in the film. In a scene in the Plaza Hotel in New York, the young Kevin McCallister (Culkin) asks him for directions to the reception. The hotel belonged to Trump from 1988 to 1995. In November, the director of the film, Chris Columbus (62), “Insider” had declared that Trump’s cameo was a condition for filming permission. On top of that, they would have had to pay to use the building, according to the filmmaker.


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