Almost ten million euros in three years – the ten most profitable bailiffs

9,708,991 euros – just as much has been earned in the last three years by the ten best paid bailiffs in Latvia. The owners of the first three places on this list have earned more than half of this amount. In turn, the ten most financially successful bailiffs have earned almost a third of the total amount received by all Latvian bailiffs. The portal “Delfi” offers to get acquainted with the “elite” of bailiffs and understand where such sums come from.

The information found on the website of the Latvian Sworn Bailiffs shows that 94 bailiffs are registered in Latvia. Given that bailiffs are public officials, the income statements of their officials are publicly available. The portal “Delfi” got acquainted with all 94 declarations.

The leader is constant

The most financially successful bailiff is still Jānis Stepanovs. The portal “Delfi” wrote about his successful 2017 already in 2018, when Stepanov earned 1.9 million euros, but although his profits fell significantly in the following years, this did not prevent him from ranking first in the list of the most profitable bailiffs in the last three years. place. During this time, Stepanov has earned 2,140,837 euros, of which 1.9 million were earned in 2017.

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