Almost pleased! Timthai knelt and handed a bouquet of flowers to the last four.

Almost pleased! Young singer Thamthai Plangsilp kneels and stands a bouquet of flowers for his girlfriend Foursakonrat. Friends parade in annoyance.

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I thought that there would be a couple of good news for the end of the year. For young stars Foursakonworaurai With a young singer Thamthai Plang Arts After the man showed off his shock, inviting him to kneel and give him a bouquet But this work has an upside in the corner.

This Timthai Has posted pictures of himself kneeling Giving a bouquet of flowers to my girlfriend Foursakonrat Standing in front of delight and shock With an initial message that made friends and fans tremble that “It might be time to say …”

Before followed by the deepest heart that stretches out to the woman that “Usually, I have a high personal world, I don’t like talking about these things, honestly, I am not very romantic. But I felt that I was ready to talk about it for everyone to hear or read. First of all, I would like to thank you for going through something together for about 2,190 days. All the time, both good and bad, how tired you will be, how discouraged you are.

“Thank you for making us a better person every day. Thank you for helping me in everything, be it work or anything else. But what I want to ask for is the last story of this year …. Would you like to ask me to hold flowers for you first? The shoelaces are loose. Ouch! It is called a complete contraction.

This event made friends and fans pretending to congratulate the brakes on the brakes. Along with tease in the agitation of the male E-nee, 55555 eBah !, Quan Teen very much, read for a long time, almost typed. Congratulations. Etc while Four girls Came in comments to receive the joke that “Pay for flowers before!” I must say that it’s a really good pair of hilarious things.

Thanks to the IG picture: timethai


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