almost one in two deaths is a biker in the Bouches-du-Rhône

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, motorcycles and scooters represent only 6% of the number of vehicles in circulation. Nevertheless, two-wheeler riders account for 40% of fatalities. “The department holds this sad national record. Each year, on average, we deplore 40 deaths”notes Rémi Bourdu, chief of staff of the police chief of Bouches-du-Rhône.

What are the mandatory equipment?

With the arrival of fine weather and the first heat, some two-wheeler riders force a little more on the accelerator. Others, sometimes the same ones, also tend to equip themselves less well. If it’s for “to be more at ease” they say, it’s a disaster for security.

In the texts, motorcyclists and scooter riders must, on pain of fines*, wear gloves and a helmet. The rest, such as boots, pants and jacket, is not mandatory. “But wearing it is common sense”, believes Sandrine, brigadier-in-chief at the Marseille motorway CRS. In the event of a fall, according to her, the consequences can be terrible. “Injuries often lead to lifelong scars, and sadly, two-wheeler riders don’t realize that.” To encourage them to review their habits, the police, failing to be able to verbalize, do prevention.

*In the event of a check, two-wheelers risk: 68 euros and one point less on their license if they do not wear gloves; 135 euros and three points less for not wearing a helmet.

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