Almost 3,000 teachers were vaccinated against COVID-19 in Campeche; are closer to returning to face-to-face classes

This January 23, 2,766 members of the educational staff were vaccinated (Photo: Cuartoscuro)

Jose Luis Alomía Zegarra, Director General of Epidemiology reported that at the cutoff of January 23 2,766 members of the educational personnel of the state of Campeche were vaccinated which is in the green traffic light of minimum alert of COVID-19.

“Today was a good day for the state of Campeche in the sense that it was able to continue vaccinating its personnel who are on the front line of COVID, but also it has already started in the case of teachers of this state the vaccination that we hope will reach your goals and cover them all on Tuesday”, Said Alomía from the National Palace.

He said that although the entity returns to classes, since its semaphore is allowed to do so, do not foresee that it could have a negative impact, considering that it is in green color and have proceeded to vaccinate, based on that perspective.

“Point one would be: the measurement is taken in the week in which the strategy is defined; so given that Campeche is green this week and it is the only state that is, if this week some other state had been green for sure it could also have been included in this initiative, however, it is Campeche ”, he assured.

Campeche is the first state to vaccinate teachers (Photo: SSa)

Campeche is the first state to vaccinate teachers (Photo: SSa)

However, he said It is not ruled out that it could increase your risk level, as has been seen in other states when they begin to have more mobility.

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He pointed out that although Campeche will change to a traffic light color that does not allow it to continue implementing face-to-face classes, then teachers would return home to give their online tutorials. However, being vaccinated they could return to the classroom as soon as they returned to green without minor problem.

“That is to say, the decision is made, because Campeche is green, but there is no waste in the sense that we would rather already have a ready group of education workers in a federative entity that has all the perspective of maintaining low risk levels, since it has done so, “he said.

Another factor that Alomía Zegarra said were taken into account in the vaccination of Campeche teachers is that It has been green for many months, which generates a positive expectation, Well, even if it changes to yellow, they will implement the actions, maintaining wide possibilities that in a short period of time it will return to green.

This day more than 2,500 teachers were vaccinated against coronavirus (Photo: SSa)

This day more than 2,500 teachers were vaccinated against coronavirus (Photo: SSa)

He said that in the next week that the alert traffic light is updated, it will be possible to see how the entity is, and by then all the teaching staff will be vaccinated, with which face-to-face classes can be resumed at any time.

Remembered that the return to schools obeys a model in which various measures and health safety guidelines are implemented, because even with vaccinated personnel, these contagion mitigation actions must be followed.

This Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 will be vaccinated to teachers of basic, preschool, primary and secondary level of public schools and on Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 it will correspond to academic staff of upper and higher education of public schools and the entire staff of private schools , with this they would end the vaccination of teachers of the entity.

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