Almost 3 million Spaniards, called on Monday to receive the fourth dose of the Covid vaccine

The fourth covid-19 vaccine will begin to be administered simultaneously this Monday in autonomous communities among 2.9 million Spaniards over 80, according to the INE, although many autonomies have chosen in this early phase to prioritize the elderly. institutionalized (390,000). The exception will be the Andalusian community which on 3 October will join the vaccination campaign of the fourth dose or the second booster dose to make it coincide with the flu shot.

Following the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, and subject to availability, some communities such as Galicia, Catalonia, Asturias, Extremadura, La Rioja or the Basque Country will simultaneously administer the new Pfizer or Moderna vaccines adapted to the Monday variants of ómicron together with the antidote flu. These vaccines, according to Health, can be inoculated with others such as the pneumococcal preparation depending on feasibility and to speed up the protection process for the fall.

In addition to the population over the age of 80 and residents in nursing homes, Health recommends that those under 60 who, for various reasons, have not completed their program or have not yet been vaccinated against the coronavirus, get vaccinated.

The autonomous communities have everything ready to start the anticovid campaign this autumn and, in general, have given priority to injecting the vaccine to users of the residences and to opening the appointment for the over 80s.

In principle, ministries have opted to administer the vaccine in health centers instead of using “vaccinomas” as they are mostly cultural and sports centers in full swing, with the exception of Galicia, which plans to reserve large venues for the campaign. vaccination.

Castile and León. In Castilla y León, the usual places will be articulated for the nearly 800,000 Castilian-Leonese who could receive the fourth dose. As for the flu shot, Castilla y León will generalize it to all groups that have recommended it starting October 17, when the official campaign usually begins, and it will be by appointment.

Galicia. From Monday he will begin vaccinating 22,000 residents of the residences, giving them the opportunity to receive the antidote for the flu. And once the trial is over, those over the age of 80 will continue to be vaccinated in large locations and in descending order.

Madrid. In the Community of Madrid, the vaccine will begin this Monday to be administered in a total of 733 nursing homes and centers for the disabled, both to residents and to health workers, for which there are primary care teams, Summa 112 and experienced staff. . Sources from the Madrid Ministry of Health have put forward the hope of achieving coverage of more than 95%, as happened with the first booster dose.

Catalonia. The campaign will start in the residences with the two stings, covid and flu. For the flu, the Minister of Health, Josep Maria Argimon, explained that he had purchased “high-load” vaccines, capable of generating antibodies for six months.

La Rioja. The fourth dose will be administered in a first phase in nursing homes and centers with disabilities and will be administered at the same time as the flu dose.

Extremadura. The Council plans to vaccinate 345,500 Extremadurans over the age of 60 or with risk factors between 26 September and the end of December, and will also offer them the option of two bites. In this community, the campaign will start in residences for the elderly, centers for the disabled and health personnel, with a target population of 30,000 people.

Valencian Community. The vaccination process will be added on Monday, starting with institutionalized seniors, just like Aragon, who hopes to finish the process in 15 days and from 3 October to open a self-citation system for people over 80 so that they can get vaccinated against covid and flu at their health centers.

Navarre. It will start from the residences (about 8,500 people). On the same Monday, the Foral government will open the deadline for the over 80, people at risk and the over 60 to make an appointment from 10 October, when both will be administered: covid and influenza.

Basque country. Influenza and Covid-19 vaccination begins Monday in nursing homes and October 3 for at-risk groups. November 1st will begin for the rest of the population.

Canary Islands. The new vaccines will begin to be inoculated to the population over 80 who will be cited in their health centers and to the elderly in residences. For this first phase, the Ministry received a batch of 273,600 doses, of which 230,400 from Pfizer and 43,200 from Moderna.

Balearic Islands. The vaccine will begin to be administered to 3,147 residents in nursing homes and at the same time the appointment of approximately 53,000 over 79 will begin. In this case, the double covid-influenza vaccination will begin on October 13 in the age group ranging from 60 to 79 years. .

Asturias. The campaign will also start in the residences and the two punctures will coincide from Monday, while Castilla-La Mancha has specified that the fourth dose will begin with the most vulnerable and institutionalized over 85 years.

Murcia. He plans to start with the residences and to match the two punctures but, for this reason, he has demanded that the Healthcare “speed up” in sending vaccines.

cantabria. The Ministry of Health of Cantabria has confirmed that the campaign starts with institutionalized people, people over the age of 80 and health personnel.

Melilla. The autonomous city of Melilla will start on Monday with the fourth dose with 1,800 ampoules for the over 80s, while a date has not yet been defined in Ceuta.

After this first group of vaccinates, the Public Health Commission recommended that the fourth dose be given to the population aged 60 to 79 and under this age who have risk conditions, and claims that in all groups it is administered together with that flu.

Likewise, it is recommended for the staff of health facilities, services and establishments, emergency room staff in contact with patients and people who work in homes for the elderly or assistance for the handicapped.

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