Allison Appleby is the first woman to be crowned Miss with her service dog by her side

This is a great first! A disabled woman was voted Miss Dallas Teen USA with her dog named Brady in the contest. A great way to play down her illness and show that she can achieve anything thanks to her faithful 4-legged friend.

Allison Appleby is a 17 year old young woman diagnosed with epilepsy 2 years ago. Thanks to the association 4 legs for skillwas able to adopt Brady, a very caring Golden Retriever. The guide dog is in fact able to prevent convulsionsAllison.

It detects the chemical changes that occur in his body when he is about to suffer a new episode of his illness. Then, she barks to warn people around. Likewise, he is educated to take his lover’s medicine from her purse.

An unparalleled bond has been created between Brady et Allison. The duo is in fact inseparable and shares everything.

when Allison wished to register for the competition aimed at electing the Miss Dallas Teen USA, he met what he feared. One person told him: “You can’t do this, you have a guide dog. Participants in the competition are not handicapped “relationships People.

It was enough for the beauty queen to want to show that disability is not a brake on her. She definitely signed up “with the intention of having fun and supporting other girls with disabilities”.

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An extraordinary parade

Once upon a time it is not customary, Brady accompanied his mistress backstage and on stage.

The unusual duo received the applause of the tender and admiring crowd.

happily, Allison won the prestigious award. She said she was extremely proud and lucky to have had such an opportunity.

“I wasn’t nervous about her participation, simply because she had Brady taking care of her”his mother said Beth Appleby.

Allison has shown the world that disability is not an end in itself and that anything is possible.

“Me? A princess? Seriously, I’m still in shock. I’m officially Miss Dallas Teen 2022, I can’t believe it.” he was surprised once again Allison.

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