Alligator and sea lion conquer the internet: day ticket

A hotel guest on the Galapagos Islands actually wanted to spend his afternoon relaxing by the pool, but a sea lion threw a spanner in the works and drove him off the lounger. Much to the delight of the guests present and the internet community.

The video of the animal visit went viral and made the sea lion, who had previously dived through the hotel pool, a real celebrity. However, the sea lion is no stranger to the staff at Hotel Solymar in the Galapagos Islands. Wendy – as the staff now call her – regularly visits with her baby sea lion, Lulu, and enjoys special protection. As the Dailymail reports, guests are asked to keep their distance and not to touch or feed the animals.

But animal guests are not always as cute as Wendy and her baby. In Southport, North Carolina, an alligator recently visited the drive-thru at the Bojangles fast food restaurant. Bart Gore, who was also waiting in his car for his order, filmed the animal calmly heading for the branch and making himself comfortable in front of the restaurant. It’s not clear what the animal was up to, according to The News & Observer, but Bojangles are known for their fried chicken. The smell probably attracted the alligator.

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