Allegri and that offer to be evaluated: the revelation on the return

Once again Max Allegri and Juventus. After what happened in the field, the awareness that the project behind which he barricaded himself Fabio Paratici and, with him, Pavel Nedved crumbling also belongs to the top of society.

Galeone’s revelations about Max Allegri

As happened in the recent past it is a Giovanni Galeone, Allegri’s former coach and mentor, set the key steps and reveal what’s grounded in his protégé’s future. Alla Gazzetta dello Sport, Allegri’s teacher and great friend confirmed his desire to return to coaching:

“I heard him a couple of days ago and he is sure to be back in June, so he will have something in hand. I don’t ask him what and I don’t want him to tell me. But I felt very determined ”.

The return to Juventus for June

The inevitable question is whether this moment will happen soon and on a prestigious bench, like that of the Juventus:

“Excellent reports. Even when they broke up with the president there was no friction. They also heard from last year several times,
they have not completely abandoned themselves. I don’t know if his return is possible and I don’t know under what conditions. But I wouldn’t rule it out a priori. If he had asked me a year ago I would have ruled out. Not now”.

Mistakes on the Juventus market

Galeone does not hide his perplexities with respect to the work of the Juventus management, more than about the difficulties of the new coach, Andrea Pirlo, which from these words seems to consider almost innocent:

“If you notice since he left, the first to be sold were men he always played: Matuidi, with whom he was in love, Khedira, a soccer professor, who didn’t miss a move or an insertion, Emre Can. He probably would have made other choices, even if Ramsey, Arthur, Rabiot are not to be discussed. The problem is to deploy them in the best possible way, to define a way of being on the field ”.

Champions goal

The last, but decisive goal is for Pirlo and for the company also from a financial point of view, it remains the coveted Champions. A result that, today, in the light of the ranking and of the reduced points of difference, could prove difficult:

“Let’s see how the championship ends: the you is lucky that the Roma against the top seven he makes very few points, otherwise he would be in the area Champions. And with Napoli, Atalanta and Milan, the bianconeri would have had problems joining the four, at this rate. At the end of the season, definitive and decisive choices will have to be made to give Juve a new profile, if they want to reach this blessed Champions “.

VIRGILIO SPORT | 06-04-2021 09:42

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