Alleged prices and release date for Sony PlayStation 5 and accessories

According to the latest rumors, the cheapest version of the Sony PlayStation 5 will be released for ten and a half thousand and will be available for purchase in exactly four and a half months.

This month, Sony unveiled for the first time what the new PlayStation 5 will look like and also confirmed that it will be available in two versions. The first will be traditional with optical mechanics, but the main emphasis will probably be (at least judging by the design designed for it) on a purely digital version without mechanics, where you will always have to download purchased games over the Internet.

However, this version will be significantly cheaper, it looks like. The alleged amounts that the console has to pay after its release have now appeared on the Internet. And with that, the date when he is said to be in the shops, ie quite essential information for planning possible Christmas purchases.

According to the leaker nicknamed IronManPS5, quoted by the Cowcotland website, the price of the basic cheaper version of the PlayStation 5 in Europe will reportedly be around 399 euros. This will be a digital version without an optical drive, perhaps one DualSense gamepad should be included. This price would make some CZK 10,700 in crowns – if we believe that these are prices with value added tax (perhaps yes).

The console in full fire and with a Blu-ray optical drive will be a quarter more expensive, it is said to cost 499 euros – about 13,400 CZK. Again, perhaps one gamepad should be included in the price. Both versions of the console should otherwise have an SSD with a capacity of 825 GB (this is the total size, or for the capacity accessible to the user, we do not know now).

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The same source also lists the prices of some accessories. Another DualSense driver will cost 59 € (1600 CZK), the same price will also have a webcam for the console. The charging base for gamepads (two can be charged at once) will cost 29 € (800 CZK) and Sony will want the same amount for the Media Remote. The more expensive accessories will be the Sony Pulse 3D wireless headphones designed for the PS5, which will cost € 179 (CZK 4,800).

Design PlayStation 5 16

Design PlayStation 5 16 Source: Sony

Day D: Saturday in mid-November?

In the meantime, take these amounts with a reserve. The source is said to have a relatively good history, but this may not be a guarantee. In addition, there is still plenty of time for the release and Sony could change the prices. It is interesting, however, that in addition to these prices, he also stated the date when the consoles should start selling.

This will reportedly occur on November 14 (November), of course this year. However, it is a slightly strange date, because it falls on a Saturday. Normally, companies publish news on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, or at least on weekdays. So take this for granted.

Sources: techPowerUp, Cowcotland

The alleged prices of Sony PlayStation 5 and accessories have fallen. It is said to be released on November 14

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