Alleged Chinese Tourists Attempted to Break into US Military Bases in Alaska

Alleged Chinese tourists attempted to break into US military bases.

“We always live with the possibility of intrusion into our facilities, and so we are working very hard to ensure, in conjunction with state and local authorities and others, that these bases and facilities are protected from threats.s”, reacts Kathleen Hicks, the Pentagon’s No. 2 after intrusion attempts recently faced by the American army.

According to Daily Mailalleged Chinese “spies” disguised as tourists attempted to infiltrate several US military bases in Alaska, even managing to breach the checkpoint.

A drone on the back

According to the facts reported by the online media, a vehicle carrying Chinese tourists managed to zoom through Fort Wainwright’s security check before being stopped. The latter first claimed to be real tourists, before a drone was discovered in the back of the vehicle.

The precise circumstances of this incident remain unknown since the majority of incidents of this type are classified.

“We take the safety and security of our employees at our facilities very seriously,” said Kathleen Hicks, however, during a visit to Alaska.

Chinese interest

Alaska is one of the most geostrategic lands on the planet. This American state, in the extreme northwest of Canada, is the subject of particular interest from Russia and China.

The United States, aware of infiltration intentions, had warned last September through its Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Arctic, Iris Ferguson, that the Chinese leaders were “trying to insert themselves” into the region.

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2023-06-02 15:14:00

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