All the women on the plane had to go naked at Qatar airport. They examined them for birth

The plane was to depart from Qatar to Australia on the first Friday in October at half past eight in the morning. Even before departure, however, there was a delay of about four hours, the reason for which came to light later. As of Monday informed British The Guardian, before departure, a newborn without a mother was discovered in the toilets.

Among the 34 passengers were at least nine Australian women who were taken out of the plane to undergo a gynecological examination. In an improvised surgery set up in an ambulance, the doctor palpated the woman’s abdomen to reveal a recent birth. During the examination, the women had to be naked, apparently not even wearing underwear.

Qatar Airways aircraft


A spokeswoman for the Australian Foreign Office said on Monday that the Australian authorities were “deeply concerned” by the unsolicited search.

“Available information suggests that the investigation was rude and offensive,” the spokeswoman said. She added that the whole event will be handled through diplomatic channels.

Foreign Minister Marise Payne herself described the incident at Qatar airport as a “disgusting and grossly disturbing set of events”.

“It’s something I’ve never encountered in my life. We have made it clear to the Qatari side what we think about it, “said Payne.

All clothes down

According to Wolfgang Babeck, who was traveling on board the plane, all the women had to leave just before departure. After three hours, they returned and most of them were “very upset,” at least one of them even crying.

“They talked about what happened. They described it as disgusting and unacceptable, “said Babeck, who was returning to Australia from Germany via Qatar, where he visited his sick father.

“Security took them from the plane to a cellar. They were then examined by a gynecologist. They had to take everything off, ”Babeck added.

Information was missing

Personal experience was also described by one of the women who were taken off the plane. “They led us through the bowels of the airport. We came to a parking lot or something. Ambulances were waiting for them, where they gradually took us. I was lucky, because when I left the line, someone noticed that I had gray hair and I would hardly be the mother of the child, “said Kim Mills, in her sixties.

But the other women had to undergo examinations, and Mills confirmed that some were crying. “The worst part was that they didn’t tell us anything at first. All the while, I thought it must have something to do with coronavirus when I saw a man in a medical uniform, ”Mills said, adding that the reason they had to disembark had no idea the on-board staff, who were also frightened.

“We were apologized to the chief steward. I am a mother of three daughters myself and I am really glad that none of them were on board with us. It must have been very unpleasant for the young people, “the Australian added.

Through a spokesperson, Qatar Airways said that none of the passengers had contacted the airline, and so far refused to comment on the event in more detail. “We will only investigate the circumstances with the relevant authorities,” the company said.

The found child is OK and has been entrusted to the care of the social office.

There is illegal unmarried sex in Qatar, in the neighboring United Arab Emirates hospitals have to report every single mother, so women often prefer to give birth at home without professional assistance, he added The Guardian.


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