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It may seem nonsense but you don’t always walk correctly. If you want to lose weight, however, it is essential to do it well. Here are all the indications for an effective walk, which will make you discover and correct many very common errors.

Lose weight by walking correctly (Free-photos / pixabay)

It has always been assumed that to walk be simple and always done correctly. In reality it is not so obvious and there are always many mistakes that are committed.

Walking is often referred to as the easiest and most successful form of exercise a person can do. But most of us walk so wrongly that it does more harm than good.

Incorrect gait leads to back, knee and bone problems. Walking is, in fact, a practice that involves not only the legs but a large part of the body.

Walk well it is therefore fundamental for both the salute than to have good results in case of slimming.

For this reason we will give you today simple directions to re-learn to walk! Let’s find out how.

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Tips for effective walking

to walk
Choose the right shoe (fotorech / pixabay)

Let’s start with the first aspect to be able to walk effectively. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the foot. Its role is fundamental because it is precisely on it that the movements of the pelvis, trunk and legs depend. Your step must begin with a vigorous one heel rest on the ground, with subsequent thrust of the foot up to the tip. In addition to making the pelvis move naturally, without forcing, it will provide your legs with the right strength to be able to move forward. In addition, it will promote circulation, counteracting the much hated water retention. Do this with your shoulders relaxed and your torso erect. As for the arms, let them swing 90 degrees as if they were pendulums.

We then move on to duration of your walk. Certainly today we are no longer used to walking as it once was and this makes things more complicated. In fact, we tend to prefer a long walk (only when we have the time) rather than mini-walks scattered throughout the day. However, it is obvious that, in order to have results, consistency is necessary and therefore walking only when you have time is certainly not the best. For this reason, try to break down your business into small walks during the day. A few minutes to move around the house, in your neighborhood or in your office. You will notice how this technique also has its advantages.

Another very important aspect is what it concerns path. Today we mainly walk on flat and artificial surfaces. And this has definitely weakened our muscle tissues, stiffening some movements of our body. The suggestion is therefore to choose a land with different slopes and that it is not flat. This is because the more inclined the surface you are walking on, the greater the number of muscles that will be activated in your body.

We now come to choice of shoes. This is a far from trivial aspect. The use of the wrong footwear will not only affect your feet but will alter your entire posture. Precisely for this reason, use shoes with a very flexible sole and a wide sole in order to ensure a natural walk.

We will now deal withintensity. It is usually fast walking that is considered the most efficient. To have a fat-burning action, a walk that has an intensity equal to 70% of the maximum heart rate is certainly necessary. That is, you should feel fatigue but, at the same time, you should be able to speak. In any case, know that even walking slowly you will not waste time but on the contrary, you will have significant benefits in terms of health.

Finally, a very important aspect for the success of the walk and which is always neglected, is that of stretching. The stretching phase is very important for your muscles and once at home you can dedicate yourself to some very simple exercises. 2 or 3 stretching exercises are sufficient after each walk. Alternate quadriceps, arm and back stretches.

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After the walk do some stretching exercises (Stocksnap / pixabay)

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Walking is an ideal activity to tone the muscles and lose weight. But if you really want to get results, you need to know walking correctly. For that, follow these advice and the results will not be long in coming!


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